How to drive free traffic to your website

When you are starting out, a lot of people including myself may not have much of a budget to advertise their website or blog. A lot of people also think that in order to drive you traffic to your site or your blog you need to pay for advertisement like Facebook ads or google AdWords. If you know how to use Facebook ads and google AdWords you can drive some serious traffic to your site or blog but you don’t necessary need to pay for advertisement to get your site some initial traffic. Below I will share with you how to drive free traffic to your website.

1. Reddit

Reddit has around 150 million visitors a month which makes it a very powerful forum to help you. Here is how to use it properly because there are so many people who don’t use it properly and ultimately that waste their time using this platform. Checkout stats below:

Do not, I repeat do not try too hard to push products and services to people. A lot of people can see that they are just marketing there business and this is the wrong thing to do. Reddit want’s useful content and so does there viewers. So the purpose is to provide them value. Providing value will make people come to your site. It is as simple as that.

At first glance if you are unfamiliar with it Reddit may be intimidating to use as seen below:

Reddit is made up of communities, called subreddits. Subreddits are basically a topic where people post content related to that topic, for example the digital nomad subreddit. If you are in the digital nomad subreddit you will talk about cool travel destinations for people to see or online business tips like this article to show people how to drive free traffic to their site.

What some people tend to do is use the AMA, or Ask Me Anything option. This means someone posts a thread which is open for people to provide their opinions.

Here’s the subreddit /r/digitalnomad:


Each article and comment has an upvotes and downvotes system. Pretty much they are as “like” and “dislike” buttons.

It’s simple the more upvotes your post gets, the higher it climbs on the subreddit page which means more people will see your post.

So when you post as I mentioned above don’t try to market yourself or try to sell people something because generally people will downvote your content because people don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to.


1. Set up an account: I recommend setting up a professional account if you intend to use it for business.

2. Find relevant subreddits: You can find subreddits 2 ways, first use the general search tool or the subreddit search tool to find content related to your niche.

3. How to use your account: When your account is new and you start spamming people, the audience generally know your intention. What I recommend you doing is commenting and engaging with the audience to help build credibility. Anything you post on reddit make sure you are posting valuable information.

You can also try Reddit ads


2. Google+

Ahh I know what you are thinking “google+ is dead” but in fact if you use the right communities it can be a great source of traffic. Some of these active communities have over a hundred thousand users. You need to make sure you are using the right community because a lot of communities are dead. If you provide great content there is a high chance your content will be shared giving you even more exposure.

Here is a community example below:



1. Set up an account: If you already have a Gmail (google account) then click on your profile picture and select google+ profile. Make sure you setup your profile and add information like your socila media platforms and your blog or website

2. Find your google communities: Search for different engaging communities within your niche. Engage in conversations and post valuable content.



Besides these 2 options I suggest checking out forums within your niche. You can also gain a lot of traction posting your valuable content in forums within your niche. These platforms mentioned above can be more powerful then you’d think.

Without a doubt I believe you need to use social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram as they can be so powerful but I believe you need to spread yourself out because there could be algorithm changes that can affect the platform dramatically.

If you have limited time then pick one and test it out for a month, then move onto a another platform and try that for a month. At the end compare them and see what works best for your niche.


I would love to know what platforms you use to help drive traffic. Let everyone know in the comments below!