scams to avoid when making money online

scams-of-the-internetScams to avoid when making money online

Making money online is ‘living the dream’ that comes with a lot of benefits such as freedom, flexibility, high income and much more. Even though legitimate businesses are made on the online world, countless people are scammed thousands of dollars in the process. Majority of the time the reasons why people get scammed online is a combination of lack of experience and continuously searching for that ‘get rich quick system’ Here are some scams to avoid when making money online.


Pyramid, multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing

Have you ever seen a Facebook video of a guy sitting on the beach with a laptop? Or a guy talking on the beach about this ‘amazing opportunity’? What about on Instagram, a video of someone living the high life with expensive cars, big houses, jet skis and all? This is a strong indication that it’s going to be a scam…  


How do these programs work?

They generally work like this. They will have a video of them selling an ‘amazing opportunity’. They will then generally ask you to join the webinar where they will pitch you the ‘money making system’ where they will say things like you can make $10,000 a month while working a couple of hours a day and 90% of it is done for you etc. This is complete bullshit. They will then ask you to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on these products. The real money is made from recruiting people to do the same hence the multi-level/ pyramid scheme. I was going to have to spend $10,000 AUD to get these products…

Now in marketing if someone refers you to a hosting site if you want to build a site which is true (known as affiliate marketing) they will get a commission off that sale which is fine or if someone offers an amazon affiliate link in their description of a YouTube video such as Casey Neistat then that’s fine as it’s a legitimate business that won’t affect you.


Avoid anything that states “how easy it is to make money’

Although you can make money from these systems, you won’t be able to manage a long term successful business with this business model. If you want to go through life trying to scam your friends, family and encourage others to do the same thing, well you do that and see how far you will get which isn’t going to be far. These business models are scams and I would never want to rip people off. Stay clear away from this bullshit.


The reality in the business world is that a long term legitimate business takes a shitload of time, patients and consistency. I suggest start your own idea and develop it from there.