3 Day action packed Queenstown guide is a very scenic place. It’s surrounded by mountains, an amazing lake all in one small area where you can literally walk around without needing any type of transport besides your legs. Queenstown has lots to do all year round from the snow in winter time to adrenaline packed activities all year round. I went to Queenstown purely to tick off my experiences on my bucket list. I booked all my activities through as they have all of your needs covered. Here is a 3 day action packed Queenstown guide that I did.

Day 1
Nevis Bungy & Swing Combo:

These two activities are probably the best adrenaline junky activities I have ever done. Nevis Bungy is one of the top 15 highest Bungy jumps in the world. You hop in a cable cart that takes you to the platform where you stare down a whopping 134 meters to the ground. After that you have the world’s highest swing The Nevis Swing. You are suspended 160 meters from the ground screaming down at 120kph (tip if you go together with someone else, you will go faster compared to going by yourself). Both of these experiences were crazy and I definitely recommend doing this if you want an adrenaline rush.

Day 2
Raft and Jet shotover duo:

The shotover jet ride is rated the best jet boat experience in the world. From 360 turns to near miss cliff encounters this ride will keep you on your toes. The water is so shallow you feel like you’re going to crash, it’s certainly an amazing experience and without a doubt I would recommend. Next up you have water rafting in shotover river. These are grade 3-4 rapids which offers a fun experience and suitable for everyone.

Day 3
Nzone Sky diving:

Jumping out of an air plane for me was one of the most freeing experiences. After a 15 minute scenic flight you come flying down at 200kph from 15,000 ft. The scenery is so amazing and beautiful and is rated one of the best tandem skydive places in the world. I skydived with Nzone and I would recommend them that’s for sure!

Queenstown costs



I stayed at nomads in Queenstown which is rated one best hostels in Queenstown. Rooms are very spacious and everything felt quite modern, also they allow alcohol there. Typical cost per night in dorm $35-$45 NZD a night with private rooms from $70 NZD a night

Budget Hotel:

Budget hotels start from around $80 NZD


If you want to stay right in the town you are looking at $140-$150 NZD a night, if you are happy to stay 5-10 minutes out of town you could pick up a place from $100-$120 NZD a night for your own place.

Luxury hotel:

If you are looking to stay in luxury a 5 star hotel like Sofitel Queenstown Hotel and Spa starts from around $375 NZD a night.

Average cost of food:

A typical restaurant meal is about 25 NZD or more. If you are looking at a fast food restaurant meal such as McDonald’s you are looking at around 10 NZD for a meal. If you choose to buy your groceries, plan to spend about 90-100 NZD per week depending on how much you eat of course. You can find sandwiches places that charge around. 8-10 NZD. You can’t find a lot of decent budget food in the city, so you can find plenty of places if you are a budget.



Queenstown is extremely small and doesn’t require any form of transport. If you want to rent a bike you should expect to pay 35-40 NZD per day.


Daily Budget:

If you are travelling on a budget 70-90 NZD 50-70 USD (Note: This is assuming you stay in a hostel, eat at cheap eat outs, limiting alcohol and no activities so keep that in mind)


Free Wifi:

Free wifi can be somewhat difficult in Queenstown although it is getting better and better each year. A good couple of places are  Left Bank Cafe, as well as Patagonia Chocolates on the lake front.


Other things to do in Queenstown:

Eat at the famous Fergburger:

This is the world famous burger shop in Queenstown and is rated the best burgers in New Zealand. You can choose from Gigantic burgers to vegan burgers (for all your vegetarians) There is a long line usually but it is definitely worth it.  Great tip is that you can order from your cell phone  03 441 1232, it’s a great way to avoid the queues.

Take a helicopter ride:

This is a very scenic way to look at Queenstown. From the remarkable mountain range views to beautiful alpine lakes this is a great option to see the true beauty of Queenstown. Typical cost’s for a 20 minute around is around 240 NZD, while for a 50 minute ride is around 585 NZD.

Enjoy the lake:

This beautiful lake surrounding the town offers sailing, paddle boarding, swimming and other activities. I must say its freezing so I don’t recommend staying in there too long.

Enjoy the snow:

Queenstown ski fields offer some of the best ski fields in New Zealand. There are 4 main ski resorts in Queenstown, Coronet Peak, Cardrona, The Remarkables and Treble Cone. If you are here during winter check one of them out!